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  1. Mutual fund investments are subject to market risks. Read all scheme related documents carefully.
  2. *Upto 1% higher returns is indicative basis the average difference between expense ratios of Regular & Direct plans for Equity Category Schemes only. The extent of difference in expense ratios & hence respective returns from them shall vary widely for other Category of Schemes.
  3. *Upto ₹25 lakh more is indicative & is based on projected value of investment through a monthly SIP of ₹7,200 running for 25 years, assuming an annualized return of 14% from the Direct Plan of an Equity Mutual Fund Scheme vis-a-vis 13% from the same Scheme's Regular Plan.
  4. The return projection has been done only to highlight difference in returns from Direct & Regular Plans that can result due to the difference between their (assumed) expense ratios. Projected future returns are illustrative and may or may not materialize.
  5. Instant redemption is available only on the Scheme that is used as an underlying Scheme for SmartDeposit & the facility works as per terms of the Asset Management Company that manages the said Scheme. Past performance of the said Scheme may or may not sustain in the future.
  6. Limited Period Offer is applicable only for availing a Free Forever Mutual Fund Transaction Services Account. The App isn't soliciting investments and doesn't intend to do so when a person wishes to avail the Offer. Free Forever refers to mutual fund transaction services only.
  7. The Asset Management Companies would continue charging the fees as per expense ratio of their respective Direct Plans.