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Invest like a genius

Successful investors don't chase returns alone.
Instead, they follow a unique plan with relentless discipline. Genius brings together their timeless wisdom packed into powerful investing strategies to deliver a hyper personalized investment experience for you.


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Two ways to invest in Genius

Mutual Funds

CAGR upto

A piece of the equity action, but with less risk than stock trading.

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Stocks & ETFs

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Investing in stocks made easy! Get a basket of stocks that aim to deliver higher returns.

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What makes Genius, a genius

5 keys ingredients

Personalized Investment Plan

For best returns, staying invested matters. Whether you are open to frequent ups & downs OR prefer a steady rate of return, Genius creates a perfect match. By building a personalized investment plan that balances risk & return.

Dynamic and Diversified Allocation

9 out of 10 investment portfolios succeed due to its asset allocation. Getting it right with Equity, Debt & Gold is complex but rewarding. Our dynamic allocation model uses Equity Valuations, Interest Rates, Price Trends, and Inflation to recommend you the right allocation. Every month.

Risk score

Risk management which is always on

Markets change every day, your investment goals don't. The key to Wealth Creation is, risking lesser than the maximum risk defined by your investment plan. Genius monitors your portfolio 24*7 and alerts you, so you can limit the risks as per your investor personality and investment plan.

Monthly Portfolio Rebalancing

Unlike traditional rebalancing, Genius doesn't stop at just achieving targeted asset allocation. Its dynamic asset allocation model continuously looks for opportunities. So that you don't just invest early in tomorrow's winning assets but also protect gains by timely shifts within assets.

1-tap execution

Investment plans work only when you act on the alerts and recommendations by a timely implementation. Genius helps you rebalance within different asset classes or funds with just 1 tap!

1-tap execution

Investment plans work only when you act on the alerts and recommendations by a timely implementation. Genius helps you rebalance within different asset classes or funds with just 1 tap!

In the last 15 years of backtest Genius delivered

  • higher returns than benchmark

  • lesser risk than benchmark

  • better protection from worst fall

Experience the Genius of investing

  • unlimited portfolio

    Unlimited Access to all Portfolios

  • rebalancing

    Unlimited Rebalancing

  • better returns

    Unlimited Investments

  • both stocks and MF

    Invest via Mutual funds or Stocks + ETFs

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ET Money Genius Your key to outperforming top portfolios

Frequently Asked Questions

If you find any trouble figuring out anything, choose the topics you are interested in, and let us help you get started.

ET Money Genius is a pack of multi-asset investment strategies. It runs on quant-based proprietary models which proactively and dynamically allocate the investment across different asset classes (Indian Equities, International Equities, Gold and Debt). The allocations are decided after computing the relative impact of various influencing factors like interest rate in the economy, inflation, changes in interest rates, equity valuations and market trends.

ET Money Genius will help you with a personalized investment plan basis your investor personality and risk profile. While you get to make the final call, it will act as a guide and help you reach your goals.

No, absolutely not. There is no lock-in needed for investing via Genius.

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    Genius of investing, personalized for you.

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